Welcome. Please follow these steps to set up your new voicemail mailbox. You will be prompted through this process. If you need assistance getting started, contact the HelpDesk at 4357.

    ·       Dial the voicemail system extension:     Press the message button on your phone (picture of envelope) (or you may still dial in using 7777)

    ·       IS THIS YOUR PHONE?  Enter the default password - 2580 and # sign:     2580# ; Please note:  do NOT enter your extension number if you are using your own phone

    ·       NOT YOUR PHONE?  Press # sign, enter your extension number, THEN enter the default password 2580#

    You will now be prompted to change your password.

    ·       Enter a new password then press #. 

    o    This can be between 5 and 15 characters.  It cannot contain your extension (forwards or backwards) nor can it contain a series of sequential numbers(12345), nor repetitive (55555) or start with a zero (0).  We suggest that you select a number or type a word on the keypad that is easy for you to remember.

    ·       You will be prompted to enter that same password again.

    Recording your Name (what you hear when you log in to your voicemail account, AND what others hear when you leave them a message: “Voice message from …”)

    ·       Select option 5 from the main voicemail menu (personal options)

    o   Press 5 for recording your name and follow the prompts.

    o   Record your first and last name.

    Recording your Personal Greeting (What callers hear when they call you eg. “Hi, this is Debbie Brown. I’m not available. Please leave a message” etc etc)

    ·       From the main voicemail menu press 3 to create greeting.

    ·       Press 1 to change/create/delete greeting.

    ·       Press 1 to enter greeting number.

    ·       Record your personal greeting.

    ·       Press # sign to approve your greeting.

    ·       Press 1 to use for all calls.

    ·       Hang up or press **9 to get out of the system.

    Congratulations! You have successfully set up your voice mailbox.


    VOICEMAIL USER INSTRUCTIONS – To access your voice mailbox please follow these steps.

    ·       Press the message button on your phone (or dial 7777) for voicemail if you are on the local network, or

    Dial (856) 582-5666 from outside the network.

    ·       If you are calling from your own extension, just enter your password then press the # sign.

    ·       When calling from outside press #, followed by your extension number.  Enter your password followed by the # sign.

    ·       IF you are trying to dial in to your voicemail from someone else’s phone, you will need to (listening to the prompts)

    o   press # first

    o   then your extension number

    o   then your password

    To get messages:

    ·       Press 2

    ·       Press 0 to listen to a message.

    To delete a message:

    ·       Press *3




    To save or skip a message:

    ·       Press #

    Note: It is important to keep your mailbox space available for new messages. Please be sure to delete old messages. Messages are retained for 45 days, after that the system will delete the oldest message(s).

    Refer to the Voice Messaging system flow chart for other voicemail features.