• Phone is Completely Dead

    1. Check to see if the cable connections are correct:

    For IP phones 9608 or 9621, the cable from the wall jack goes into the top port on the back of the phone. If the phone is connected to a computer, the 2nd cable goes from the 2nd port on the back of the phone to the network port on the back of the computer.

    Do NOT use the old phone jack.

    2. If there is a message on the phone asking for extension, you must log in as follows:
    Enter the 4 digit extension number of the room and press #
    Enter 1234 and press #

    For NON IP phones, check to see that the cable is going to the correct wall jack, usually the top left blue jack. If you do not know which jack it should be going in to, please contact the Help Desk at extension 4357.