• Washington Township Public Schools' Guide


    to Making Sense of the Census 2020


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    In 2020, the United States will complete its Census count. The Census is a head count of every person living in the United States. The Census count is required by the Constitution and has been completed every 10 years since 1790.


    The 2020 Census count impacts the federal funds that communities receive each year for programs and services that are critical for schools, students, and younger children, such as:

    • Special education, Head Start, after-school programs, and classroom technology.
    • Food assistance, including free and reduced-price school lunches.
    • Maternal and child health programs.


    Below are a series of links to help you better understand the Census and its importance to our school district and our community. Please take some time to read over the information, and don't forget to do your part in the 2020 Census. Every person counts!


    census flyer guy Letter from Superintendent of Schools Joe Bollendorf on the importance of the Census to our District

    Informational flyer on the Census as created by the WTPS

    Census Bureau's video: What is the Census?

    How to get involved in the 2020 Census