• $250 Residency Reward Program


    All requests for a residency investigation must be made in writing to: Mrs. Katherine Carey, Director of Assessment, Data Technology, Registration, and School Community Outreach, 206 East Holly Avenue, Sewell, NJ 08080.  All information will be kept confidential.


    In response to calls from concerned taxpayers, the District instituted a $250 reward policy for information leading to the removal of illegally registered students. District employees and their relatives are not eligible for the reward because it is expected they would report illegally registered students as part of their job responsibilities.The reward is limited to $250 per household, not per student.
    Because the school district does not want people to arbitrarily report neighbors or to file false claims to receive the $250 reward, all information must be in writing.  All claims must include the name of the student, parents' and/or legal guardians' names, the name of the school the child currently attends, as well as the suspected address of where the student actually would be a legal resident. The initial letter also must include the reason why the person thinks a child is illegally registered in the district. For example, parents are seen dropping the child off at the bus stop but are seen going into their residence.
    Once a report has been received, the Student Registration, Data and Information Office, in conjunction with the district attendance officer, will conduct a comprehensive record search  for guardianship, affidavit of residency, and/or other legal court-appointed residency status.  During the extensive investigation, the attendance officer may interview the student, talk to teachers, observe the child's suspected residence and consult postal authorities to determine where the child and family actually reside.
    If the investigation reveals that the student is a non-resident, the District may assess tuition costs for the period of illegal enrollment. Informants will receive the $250 reward when, following this investigative process and, if applicable, a parental appeal, the unlawful resident has been successfully dropped from the school register.