• How do I add a Network Printer?
    Procedure For Adding a Networked Printer From Within The District

    • Go to Start on your computer.
    • Select Printers and Faxes on the right hand side.
    • When that window opens, click on “Add a Printer” on the left side.
    • Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard window opens.
    • Click “Next”.
    • On the Local or Network Printer window click on “A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer”.
    • Click “Next”.
    • On the Specify a Printer window, click on “Find a printer in the directory”.
    • Click “Next”.
    • On the Find Printers window Click “Find Now”.
    • A list of all network printers will appear. Find the printer you want to print to and highlight it. Click “OK”.
    • The next window will ask if you want to use the printer as the default printer. Click “NO”. Click “Finish”.

    When you go to print, that printer will be listed as one of your options. If you do not see it remember to click on the little down arrow on the printer name field, and select it.

    If you have questions regarding this procedure, contact the Help Desk on x4357.