• Newsela Website 


    What is it?

    Newsela is a web-based instructional tool that allows students of all reading levels to read articles and work on improving their comprehension of informational text as well as grade level standards. The goal is to offer students the opportunity to unlock the written word by providing them with current event articles, at their reading level, to ignite their love of reading while helping them to work at becoming proficient, critical readers and thinkers!


    How does it work?

     Students are assigned to a class, given a log in, and select articles to read. Once they have read their first 8 articles, Newsela diagnoses the student's reading level and tailors every article thereafter at that just right level. As students read and take quizzes, Newsela continually adjusts the article level to support the student in their skills of reading informational text.  


    When do students use Newsela?

    Students are using Newsela during their ELA classes on a regular basis.  Some articles are assigned while others can be self selected.  They may also be reading articles during other subject periods. Students are encouraged to incorporate Newsela as part of their independent reading as well!! They can access their accounts from anywhere, including mobile devices.  


    Can I use Newsela too?

    Yes!  Parents have access to all the same articles that students are reading and can create their own Newsela accounts.  We encourage all families to read together and talk about the articles. Students are most influenced to become thoughtful, independent readers by those who read around them!  Click the link below to find out how you can get set up. 

    Newsela-Family Letter