•  Grant Writing Tips

    Carefully read all information/guidelines regarding the grant.
    Make certain your project/proposal matches the grantor's priorities.
    Follow the directions. Follow the directions. Follow the directions.
    Keep your project/proposal realistic.
    Have a reasonable, detailed budget. Research costs prior to submitting your application. Be sure to include a budget detail explaining the purpose of each item.
    Can your project be replicated or extended to other grades/schools? Be sure to stress these points in your narrative.
    Explain how you plan to sustain your project once the funding ends.
    Avoid jargon. Your proposal should be easily understandable to someone who is not an educator.
    Revise. Have someone who knows nothing about your proposal give you genuine feedback about the clarity and readability of your application.
    Proofread. Spelling and grammar errors definitely will not improve your chance of being funded.
    Remember that even if you submit a perfect application you may not be funded. Do not get discouraged. Grantors have limited funds available and most opportunities are highly competitive.
    If you are not funded, contact the grantor for reviewer's comments/feedback. Use this information to tweak your future proposals.