Information Regarding Cell Phones and Unauthorized Electronic Devices During State Testing

  • This message is to inform and remind students, parents, and staff of the State Testing protocol related to the possession of cell phones and/or unauthorized electronic devices*.  Any person in possession of a cell phone or any other unauthorized electronic device in any testing room any time before, during, or after testing is in violation of testing security procedures.  In incidents where a person is found in violation of this security procedure, the School Test Coordinator must report the incident to the District Test Coordinator who must report the incident to the appropriate State Test Coordinator, as per State protocol.

    For students who violate this security measure, the following will occur:

    • The student and device will be removed from the testing area.
    • The School Test Coordinator will notify the District Test Coordinator who will notify the appropriate State Test Coordinator.
    • The school will determine if any test content is on the student's electronic device or if any content was transmitted or received.
    • The student's parents/guardians will be contacted to inform them of the situation.
    • Consequences will be given to the student according to the grade-appropriate student Code of Conduct.

    Any staff member violating the cell phone/unauthorized electronic device protocol will meet with building administration.  Appropriate consequences and protocol will be implemented. 

    We kindly ask that parents reinforce these procedures with their child(ren) prior to testing and to leave all unnecessary electronics at home.  For those devices that you feel necessary for your child to bring to school, please understand that we must abide by the State testing policy, as well as enforce our Board of Education approved policy regarding cell phones and electronic devices.

    Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated as it helps us to be compliant with both State testing procedures and district policy.


     *An unauthorized electronic device is any electronic device that is not a required for testing and has not received prior approval from the School or District Test Coordinator as an appropriate testing device or accommodation.