• Basic Skills Instruction

    All children enrolled in the Washington Township School District are assessed in the Spring to determine their educational eligibility to participate in a Basic Skills Improvement Program.

    Our needs assessment procedures are comprehensive and designed for the three different grade level configurations, K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. There are two major points regarding the development of the student selection process. One is the setting of a district standard/norm which will be used to determine the pool of educationally disadvantaged students, and the second is the setting of selection criteria to determine which students will be selected. We have established district standards so that we assess all students equitably and have chosen to use a computer score for student placement.

    BSI Math

    Instruction takes place in an in-class support setting. The program participants receive supported instruction within their scheduled mathematics class five days each week for 50 minutes per day. In addition, participants receive instruction within a small group setting five days each week for 50 minutes.  Both the in-class support instruction as well as the small group instruction incorporate a variety of teaching strategies, and employ a wide range of supplementary materials. Mastery of skills in math topics will be stressed. In the small group instruction, emphasis is on individual pacing and achievement based on standardized test profiles and proficiency levels. 


    Instruction takes place in an integrated developmental setting, five times a week for 50 minutes per day. Instruction incorporates a variety of teaching strategies using a wide range of supplemental materials. Emphasis is on individual pacing and achievement based on progress monitoring.