• Grade 7 -- Computer and Financial Literacy

    Computer and Financial Literacy 7 is a one marking period exploratory course. As a part of the continuum of learning, this course is designed to reinforce and expand the basic financial and computer skills that were introduced to students in Computer/Financial Literacy 6. Financial Literacy includes the application of knowledge, skills, and ethical values when making consumer and financial decisions that impact the self, family, local, regional, national and global communities. This course will continue to support and emphasize these skills that lead them toward becoming financially responsible adults in a changing economic climate. It will enable students to make informed decisions and prepare them to engage in a dynamic global society. As instructional time permits, prior knowledge and skills may be revisited to assist with remediating and/or enhancing foundational knowledge associated with the units of study from the Computer/Financial Literacy 6 course of study. The major units of study within the Financial Literacy component of the course consist of money management, debt and credit management, planning/saving/investing, becoming a critical consumer, civic responsibility, risk management and insurance along with our course introduction. The computer and technological skills to be expanded inclusive and exclusive of the financial literacy units include word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, programming, multimedia including webpage design, Internet research skills, along with cyber safety and cyber bullying.