• Grade 7 -- Invention and Innovation in STEM

    Invention and Innovation provides students with opportunities to apply the design process in the invention or innovation of a new product, process, or system. In this course, students will learn all about invention and innovation. They will have opportunities to study the history of inventions and innovations, including their impacts on society. They will learn about the core concepts of technology and about the various approaches to solving problems, including engineering design and experimentation.
    Students will apply their creativity in the invention and innovation of new products, processes, or systems. Finally, students learn about how various inventions and innovations impact their lives. Students participate in engineering-design activities to understand how criteria, constraints, and processes affect designs.
    Students are involved in activities and experiences where they learn about brainstorming, visualizing, modeling, constructing, testing, experimenting, and refining designs. Students also develop skills in researching for information, communicating design information, and reporting results.