• Physical Education

    Physical Education classes meet for nine weeks during three marking periods each year. The emphasis of the program is on the development of fundamental skills. Students receive instruction in soccer, field hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, softball, flag/touch football, track and field, floor hockey and various recreational games. Each student's physical fitness level is measured through the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Youth Fitness Test. The results of this test help to determine weekly fitness activities designed to improve upon student weaknesses. An Aerobic and Olympic unit rounds out the students' education.

    Health Education classes meet during one full marking period each year.

    Sixth grade instruction includes Body Systems, Nutrition, Substance Abuse, Relationships, and Goals and Goal Setting.

    The seventh grade curriculum includes Communicable/Non-Communicable Diseases, Substance Abuse, Relationships, Personality and Mental Health, and additional body systems.

    Eighth grade students receive instruction in Human Sexuality, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Human Reproduction, AIDS, Relationships, and Drug Education.