Upon entering Washington Township High School, students are afforded the opportunity to choose from mathematics and computer courses of study designed to meet the diverse needs and academic goals of all students.

    The math department’s course offerings (with several levels of pacing and rigor) include:

    • Algebra I
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Statistics
    • Calculus

    Each course is designed to be consistent with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, thus enabling students to grow in their knowledge of math concepts and their application to real world situations.

    The mathematics program at Washington Township also includes options for students to study and apply computer programming.  Computer courses include:
    • Introduction to Computer Science
    • AP Computer Science (JAVA)
    • The mathematics program offers courses in Statistics at both the college preparatory and Advanced Placement level.  These courses cover the basic concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics and probability, the organization and handling of numerical data, random variables, binomial distributions sampling, estimation, decision making and other aspects of statistical theory.  Students studying statistics at an accelerated level may elect to take Advanced Placement Statistics.  Students who pass the Advanced Placement Statistics exam may qualify for college credit depending on their score and college of choice.  Students completing the AP Statistics course may also qualify for college credit by means of a dual credit agreement existing between Washington Township Schools and Gloucester County College.
    • For students excelling in the study of mathematics, many courses meet the districts’ criteria for academic course “weighting.”  Students studying calculus at an accelerated level may elect to take the Advanced Placement Calculus A-B or Advanced Placement Calculus B-C.  Students who pass the Advanced Placement Calculus exam may qualify for college credit depending on their score and college of choice. 
    • Additional challenging coursework is also available to students who seek to further enhance their preparation for college entrance examinations and State’s high school exit examinations.
    • Teachers of mathematics facilitate instruction through the use of educational technology, including LCD projectors, electronic whiteboards, and document cameras.  The use of graphing calculators to enhance student understanding is also a common practice in the mathematics courses.
    • The Washington Township High School Math Department has participated successfully in the New Jersey Math League Program, with students previously winning their division championship.