Social Studies (Grades 9-12)

  • The Social Studies Department of Washington Township strives to provide students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and perspectives needed to become active, informed, and contributing members of local, state, national and global communities. The New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Social Studies form the foundation by which we create and implement our curricula for learning.

Social Studies Course Infographic
  • Required Courses

    Students are required to successfully complete three years (15 credits total) in Social Studies. 

    All students begin with World History during Freshmen year, then move on to United States History I and United States History II in subsequent years.

    These required courses are offered at 3 levels of academic rigor: College Prep (CP), Honors (H), and Advanced Placement (AP).


    In addition to the required History courses, the Social Studies Department is pleased to offer an array of electives for learners of all academic levels to expand their knowledge and pursue various interests. 

    • Black, Indigenous and other People of Color's Voices in History (CP)
    • Humanitarian Studies and Social Justice (CP) 
    • Sociology (CP) 
    • United States Government and Politics (CP, AP)
    • Economics (CP, AP)
    • Human Geography (AP)
    • Psychology (CP, AP)
    • World History (AP)
    • Air Force JROTC (*satisfies the Practical Art requirement)

    *Electives are available based on grade-level and may have recommendations on courses to complete prior to enrollment. 

    Dual Credit

    Dual Credit enrollment allows students to earn college credits for college-level work completed while in high school. 

    Through Washington Township High School's partnership with Camden County College and Stockton University, we are able to offer the opportunity for dual credit enrollment in select Social Studies courses (highlighted in the image above). 

    Please refer to the Program of Studies Guide for specific information on the agreements with each college. 

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  • Department Contact:

    Jeffrey Snyder

    Social Studies Department Supervisor (6-12) 

    Gifted Education Supervisor (6-12)

    Business Department Supervisor (9-12)

    856-589-8500 x7618

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