The state requires students to take a minimum of 5 credits (1 year) of instruction in a world language,


    but at least 2-3 years of world language instruction are recommended. 


    • Four levels of French, Spanish, and German instruction are offered. This sequence is designed to provide students with a continuum of learning activities, which develop the student's fluency in speaking, listening, reading comprehension, and the ability to write in the target language.
    • Students may opt to begin a new world language or build upon the student's three-year middle school world language experience by pursuing further study of the same language begun in middle school.
    • Classroom activities focus on providing the student with an appreciation of the culture(s) associated with the language, emphasizing the culture's social, historical, literary, and artistic aspects.
    • AP Spanish, AP German, and AP French are offered.
    • Extra-curricular activities, including the French Club, German Club, and Spanish Club, are available for students who wish to extend their world language/cultural experience beyond the classroom.
    • World language students may also be eligible to take competitive national language exams, receive dual credit, and participate in the Seal of Biliteracy.