Paul Ballak and Grace Kendorski earn the 2023 Dan Rozmes Spirit Award.

  • Dear Bulldogs

    About 8 or 9 years before Dr. Muscelli and I arrived at Bunker Hill, there was an assistant principal here named Mr. Dan Rozmes.  Mr. Rozmes was well respected by students and staff.  From the stories I’ve heard about him, he was fair, funny, and truly embodied our current characteristics of a Bulldog.  In 2010, the Bunker Hill Community was devastated when Mr. Rozmes lost his fight against cancer and passed away. 


    Mr. Rozmes had a career in education that spanned more than 30 years.  He served Washington Township Schools as a Teacher, School Counselor, Assistant Principal, and Principal.  Mr. Roz was known for his selflessness, big heart, and positive-upbeat personality.  In 2012 Bunker Hill, Chestnut Ridge, and Orchard Valley Middle Schools established the Danny Rozmes Spirit Awards as a way to recognize students who embody the uniquely positive spirit of Mr. Roz.  Each year teachers, counselors, and administrators select two students in 8th grade who are caring and display a positive- upbeat spirit as they emerge as a true other-centered role model in school and out. 


    This year Bunker Hill is honored to recognize Paul Ballak and Grace Kendorski to receive the prestigious honor of the Dan Rozmes Spirit Award.  Congratulations to Paul and Grace



    Mr. D'Ostilio