3.14.23 8th Grade Competes in a Pie Eating Contest to Solve for Pi

  • Students in 8th Grade Math, joined forces to learn the infinite numbers of Pi.  Students who learned the most numbers competed in a pie eating contest and then arranged themselves in the proper numerical order.  Participants included:  Group 1 Nick Arpino, Faithanne Bland, Aston Ricciardi, Madison Quinones, Daniel Flamma.  Group 2.  Juan Santiago, Victoria Garcia, Kristiene Hannah, Callisto Taraborelli, Macy Sorrentino.  Group 2 was victorious

Starting the Pie Eating Contest

pi 2

Mr. Appleby/Albert Einstein Sets the Rules


The Competition is Fierce

Pi Day 1

Group 1

pi 5

Group 2

pi 3

The Pi Winners

Pi 4