Washington Township Track and Field



Degrees and Certifications:

Washington Township Track and Field

Coaching Staff 


Head Coach- Chris Mitchell-Throws

John Basille - Sprints and Jumps

Rich Bostwick -- Distance and Sprints

Andrew Torney -- Sprints, Hurdles and Distance

Karen Johnson - Hurdles and Sprints

Jacob Klavens - Jumps, Throws and Sprints





Head Coach- Amanda Williams – Jumps

Tia. Thomas - Throws

Lauren Staffieri - Sprints and Jumps

Danielle Fox-Lamonica -  Sprints

Andrew Torney - Distance, Sprints and Hurdles

Karen Johnson - Hurdles and Sprints




Practice begins at 2:35, don't be late! Be ready to practice in all weather conditions.  Please read over Code of Conducts and Regulations and understand what we expect from you.


It is yourresponsibilityto sign up for Remind101. Text @33c69 to 81010 to join. All notifications will be sent thru Remind101 as well as on the website.


If you have any questions, email CMitchell@wtps.org