• Welcome to Boys Volleyball, Please visit the schoology Boys volleyball 2021-2022 group ACCESS CODE 9H7T-PJ83-HCN2N

    Physicals will be due Feb.1 2022

    First day of tryouts first friday in March. 2:30 in the 9/10 gym. Arrive ready to tryout . You need to wear a white Tee shirt that we can write a number on. Please bring water or something to drink. Water fountains are not working. Tryout dates and times are as follows


    If your physical paperwork isn't in you can't try out.

    Make sure you go on the school Athletic web site and fill out Family Id.

    Looking forward to an outstanding season. Please make sure your paperwork is in so no one is disappointed.


    Contact Information

    Varsity Coach Barbara McBrearty email bmcbrearty@wtps.org

    JV Cocch Marc Boncardo email boncardo17@gmail.com

    Freshmen Coach Jeff Hood JHood@wtps.org


    The best way to reach us in by email.