• https://www.spanish.languagesforkids.com/   Check out our Elementary Curriculum for this school year.  In addition,
    I'll keep the old curriculum notes here for extra activities in case you need them.
    Welcome World Language and ESL teachers!
    Welcome!  As you will see, this website and the corresponding packet of lessons and materials you have received have been created to make your teaching of Spanish as easy and fun as possible! 
    The websites in the Vocabulary section (tab) provide visual as well as oral presentations the vocabulary covered in the lessons.  Therefore, even teachers with little or no background in Spanish will be able to teach their students correct pronunciation and translations!
    The alphabet website should be presented to the students before beginning the lessons so the students will have some background with pronunciatio Vowels should particularly be practiced.
    This Welcome section includes teacher resources: reasons for learning Spanish (which should be reviewed with your students before beginning the lessons), a Spanish/English dictionary and PowerPoint presentations.
    The Holiday section includes the Day of the Dead holiday, which  is observed November 1st and 2nd and should be presented to the students on or prior to those dates. Christmas and Three Kings Day are also listed as a note and should be taught before winter break.  Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 - October 15 and there is a very interesting website that is not cited in the actual lessons but  that contains important supplemental information.
    Games, of course, can be played throughout the year.  There are some excellent websites that provide great practice and review on many of the topics covered in the lessons.  You will find that Free Rice is addictive!  You can change the subject on Free Rice (after you have played the Spanish game of course:) and have fun reinforcing other classroom learning in areas such as geography, math, grammar, other languages, etc.
    The Countries tab includes valuable information on Puerto Rico and Mexico, some of which correspond with lessons and some of which is supplemental.
    You will find the third and fourth grade World Language curriculum guides under the Curriculum tab.  It can also be accessed by going to the Eboard Directory, clicking Teacher Resource,. then Elementary Curriculum, then World Language. The Core Content Standards will be displayed in the curriculum that need to be included in lesson plans.
    We truly appreciate your efforts to expose your students to the Spanish Language and the Latino culture.  It is an important and worthwhile endeavor.
    Good luck - Buena suerte. 
    Here are some helpful websites/links for our department.
    French Course Overview  French Course Description
    German Course Overview  German Course Overview
    Spanish Course Overview  Spanish Course Overview
    Great Internet Resources for the Foreign Language Teacher!
    FLTEACH Home Page - This is a great list serve for teachers of all foreign languages.  Make sure that you select the "digest" version, otherwise you will receive hundreds of e-mails every day from this list serve. 
    Scholastic Online - resources in different languages 
    National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center
    Internet Resources for Language Teachers and Learners
    http://www.hull.ac.uk/cti/langsite/  *go to teaching with the web
    Several foreign language links
    The iLoveLanguages Page
    National Capital Language Resource Center
    "Trail Guide" of Foreign Language Classes - excellent units of practice for Spanish levels 1, 2, 3 and above!
    Search Engines in Various Countries
    Foreign Language and Culture
    Virtual Tourist - cultural info about countries around the world
    Facts about different countries
    WorldTime Interactive World Atlas
    Yahooligans! - cultural information for kids and many topics about different countries
    The Hall of Multiculturalism
    E-Conflict - world encyclopedia and simulation, increasing cultural awareness


    The History Net - world history information
    National Geographic Online
    Foreign Language Mosaic Home Page - all languages - info about countries
    Discovery Channel
    Newspapers Around the World
    NEWSLINK - online newspapers around the world
    Teaching Tip of the Day - sharing teaching strategies and activities
    Teachers Helping Teachers
    Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
    Classroom Connect
    Global SchoolNet Foundation
    Teachers Net - Includes ways of incorporating the internet into your classroom
    Education World
    Education Week Teacher Magazine
    Busy Teachers Web Site
    Yahoo:  Education K-12
    The Education Place
    Reliable Research Online