• 2023 Lacrosse Team Rules

    I, _________________________________________________, am a PROUD member of the Girls’ Lacrosse program.

    µ It is a privilege to be representing my high school as a member of the Lacrosse Program.

     I must show that I am deserving of the position by being a RESPONSIBLE individual:

    µ Responsible for my actions and impressions on and off the field, and in the classroom (i.e. my language, dress and behavior).

    µ Responsible for my uniform cleanliness, tidiness, security and for bringing all parts to each game. I will turn in all parts of my uniform at the end of the season.

    µ Responsible for wearing uniform parts and designated team attire on game days, not for P.E., class or weekend recreation.

    µ Responsible for bringing my own mouth guard, water bottle, and stick to every practice and game. I will always have sneakers in case of bad weather or training indoors.

    µ Responsible for team equipment. I will gladly assist in bringing it to and from the field.

    µ Responsible for traveling to and from each game with the team, being seated and on the bus at the departure time. Also, good behavior at all times and leaving neither trash behind nor equipment.

    µ Responsible for being prompt and alert at practices and games. I will arrive 15 minutes prior to the designated time.

    µ Responsible for acting sensitively to managers and other players. I will try to THINK before I speak.

    µ Responsible for direct communication with the coaches

    µ Responsible for making up missed drills and conditioning, before or after practice.

    µ Responsible for watching and supporting any team competing on the field while I am not on the field, this includes sitting with the team at all times.

    µ Responsible for beginning the season in adequate cardio respiratory and muscular fitness and maintaining fitness throughout the season.

    µ Responsible for leaving the field, locker room, (and the bus), whether home or away, clean and in order. I will pick up my own trash and dispose of it properly. I will encourage all my teammates to do the same.

    µ Responsible for meeting daily requirements and deadlines.

    µ Responsible for being the best Student-Athlete I can be. I will get extra help after school before I am in a tough academic situation. However, I will inform my coach during the day and come to practice by 3:00 with a note.

    µ Responsible attending all practices and games.

    µ Responsible for all self expression such as dress in school, text messaging, Face-booking, Tweeting, emailing. Etc!!!



    I realize that:

    o   I must notify my coach at least 24 hours in advance of missing any practice or game with prior knowledge of that event such as: a school activity, doctor’s appointment, family function, college visit, etc. An email or written note by a parent/guardian is required.

    o   Missing practice prior to a game as a result of an unexcused absence (and excused absences in certain circumstances) will result in my not being eligible to play in the game(s).

    o   If I am absent from school, my parent or guardian will notify the appropriate coach by phone or email before noon.

    § Coach Stockl (Varsity) -   school #  589-8500  X  9284

    ·         Email  sstockL@wtps.org

    § Coach Gill (JV)

    ·         Email KGill@wtps.org

    § Coach Gorman and Coach Phillips

    ·         Email AGorman@wtps.org & APhillips@wtps.org 


    o   If I am present in school, but absent from practice without being excused by my coach prior to practice, the result will be a suspension. More than 1 unexcused absence may result in dismissal from the team.

    o   I am aware that I must be in school for an entire day to be eligible to participate in practice or games. Anytime I am late to school, need an early dismissal, etc. I will have appropriate documentation for the attendance office and for my coach.


    µ I realize that everything I do affects my body and my general health. I will do my best to take care of it and respect the demands placed on it in Lacrosse. This includes following a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, abstaining from alcohol, drugs and smoking. Using any of the mentioned substances will be grounds for game(s) suspensions, meeting with you and your parents, and/or removal from the team.

    µ I realize that the coaches are designing practice so that our team might better meet its goals. I realize that suggestions and corrections made are not to be taken personally, but should be accepted as a way in which I and the team might improve.

    µ I understand that the concept of trust is an important one to the formation, maintenance, and excellence of a team. I will support that concept with free speech rather than cheap talk. If I have a problem, I will personally address my captains and/or coaches about it.

    µ Since the season is relatively short and our goals are relatively high, I will look for ways to improve my skills with extra time and effort.

    µ Striving to be my best takes time. It is therefore important for me to budget my time wisely. This means making every effort to meet household responsibilities as well as school assignments.

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