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    ClassLink is a new program that is desiged to maximize instructional time by putting students' instructional materials in a single place and make them accessible through a single sign on across any device.  The benefts of ClassLink are below:

    • We can roster students digital textbooks FOR SOME publishers.  Students will have an app that can get them into their content.  See the ClassLink Rostering Page for more information
    • We can set up certain apps to automatically log students into websites.
    • We can set up web apps with a "Password Locker"  This means that after you have students sign up for a educational program you use they can go into the ClassLink Dashboard, click on the app, enter the credentails, and they will be saved permanently across any device the student uses. See how Password Locker works
    • We can quickly deliver surveys and other inforamtion to students by grade level, course, or other student body segments.
    • We can deliver information to the staff desktop.  Such as special bells schdules (no more searching through emails)



    The first time using ClassLink Apps you will be instructed to donload an extension for your browser.  Please to this it is safe.  Make sure it has the ClassLink Icon