Anatomy and Physiology Summer Assignment


    Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology at WTHS. 


    The summer assignment is designed to prepare you for a quiz that will be administered on the Friday 9/10/2021.  This quiz will be on selected topics from Chapters 2 and 3 of the anatomy textbook.  These topics are the basics of biology and chemistry which most apply to Anatomy and Physiology.  It will be required of you to rely on your past knowledge throughout the year.   Anatomy and Physiology is too rigorous and fast paced to redo previous materials.

     We will have a question and answer session on Thursday 9/9/2021.  It is your job to come prepared to that session.  The Q and A session is not a lecture, it is you asking and the class discussing any questions you might have.  To be successful on the quiz, you should have already studied by Thursday 9/9/2021. 


    To study and be prepared for the Chapter 2/3 quiz, you will want to use all the resources and documents at your disposal and found in the Anatomy Summer Assignment Schoology Course.  You have already been enrolled in this course.


    These resources are highlighted below: 

    1. Chapter Notes and PowerPoint lectures for Chapter 2 and 3. Please use these resources to review the major concepts covered in these chapters.  If you find areas of weakness, pick those areas to review more extensively.  

    1. Worksheets for Chapter 2 and 3. Worksheet are provided to help you review and have a study guide for your 9/10 quiz. Complete using the provided resources or other available resources online. 

    2. Review Videos. We have included videos from the Bozeman Science platform that are short in length and review important concepts that will help you be successful in your study of Anatomy and Physiology. The videos titles include: Biological Molecules; Water – A Polar Molecule; Acids, Bases and pH; A Tour of the Cell; and Transport Across Cell Membranes


    If you have problems, you can contact either:

    Mr. Tsoukalis or Mrs. Howard


    Good Luck and have a Great Summer!