Anatomy and Physiology Summer Assignment

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    The summer assignment is designed to prepare your for your upcoming year in Anatomy and Physiology.  It includes various resources that will help you review major concepts that were covered in Biology and Chemsity which are important for your understanding of Anatomy and Physiology.  You will be quizzed on these topics on Friday, Septemebr 13, 2019. Details of the assignment are found below.

     Please read the following document:

    Please DO NOT wait until the last minute to study.  Reviewing overtime and in chunks will help you better retain the information and be better prepared for success in the upcoming year.  
    If you have any question during the summer feel free to contact us:

    Mr. Tsoukalis
    Mrs. Howard
        (See my Teacher Page for additional Summer Study Suggestions; Link to Mrs. Howard's Teacher Page ) 

Anatomy and Physiology Summer Assignment Resources:

Summer Assignment Videos:

Biological Molecules

Water - A Polar Molecule

Acids, Bases and pH

A Tour of the Cell

Cell Membranes

Transport Across Cell Membranes