AP Chemistry

  • Attached is the AP Chemistry Summer Assignment.
    Be sure to complete all three worksheets and be prepared to discuss and extend these concepts during the first week of school next year.
    Good Luck!
    Mr. Holmes 
  • AP Chemistry - Summer Assignment

    The AP Chemistry summer assignment requires students to complete 3 worksheets.  The purpose of this summer assignment is to review the fundamental topics of an Honors of College Prep course so that students are sharp and ready to build and extend knowledge during UNIT 1.  These fundamental topics include The Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions, and Mole Math.

    The worksheets are graded as M1 homework grades, and a quiz covering summer assignment topics will be administered in Early September.

    Students who have questions or concerned are encouraged to communicate with me via email or Twitter over the summer.


    Good Luck!


    Mr. Holmes



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