AP Physics 1

  • Welcome to the AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment!  We have so much to do and learn in the coming school year that we just cannot wait to begin! Hopefully, your summer plans include plenty of rest and relaxation. Many of you may be vacationing with family, working a full or part time job, and/or visiting colleges. As you enjoy all of these experiences, take time to "see the science" in them. What do I mean? Well, all of your modes of transportation, swims in the ocean or pool, and sunset watching have something in common! PHYSICS! You need to get excited about it! Of course, you also need to get ready for the serious business of learning about your world, and how the "things" that populate it, and the rest of the universe behave. Thus, the summer assignment... 
    You have been added to the AP Summer Assignment Course in Schoology.  When you log into Schoology, you should see the course listed.  If you do not, please contact me ASAP at acarpinelli@wtps.org.  All summer work, with the exception of the lab component, will be completed in Schoology. 
    The four parts of the summer assignment will comprise 3 independent work grades. Part 1 will be a completion and accuracy grade- this is mainly a review of concepts with which you should already be comfortable. Parts 2 and 3 will be checked for completion and work (you should be able to correctly answer the questions if you really watch the videos and spend some time on this, but it is probably new information to some degree). Part 4 will be graded for completion and accuracy; if you have any questions about it, please email me. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU HAVE LOGGERPRO™ ON YOUR LAPTOP!
    Finally, please sign up with the Remind system to receive text alerts. You should see the app on this page.
    Mrs. AF Carpinelli

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