AP Environmental Science

  • Welcome to AP Environmental Science. 

    Environmental science is unique in the sense that it incorporates concepts not only from the classic science fields, such as biology, chemistry and physics, but also ideas from the fields of economics, political science and sociology.  Students must reference past knowledge of all scientific principles, disciplines and methodologies to fully grasp environmental science.  Environmental science is also unique because of the drastic differences in opinion people can have about certain topics.  The discussion section of the course helps prepare you for the future when you will be, in the workforce, required to work with people that do not always hold the same opinion as you. 

    Below is a link to the summer assignment.  It is designed to get you thinking about environmental science and prepare for our first discussion.   Hopefully the assignment will be interesting and informative.

    You will also be enrolled in a Schoology Summer class where you a can find the information.

    APES Summer Assignment 2020-2021

    The items below are review materials that will make the class easier for you.  We will use the math and experimental design skills all year, especially during Free Response Questions (FRQs) prep for the exam.  They are not due at any particular time, they are to be used as practice at your own discretion.
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