Honors Chemistry

  • Hello, Future Honors Chemistry Students!

    Welcome to Honors Chemistry!  This course will explore the nature and behavior of small particles.  We will explore topics like nuclear reactions, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, properties of liquids and gases, solutions, and acids and bases.  We will perform labs to explore these topics.  It is a challenging but rewarding program!

    In order to prepare you for our first topic – atomic theory – you will complete a summer assignment that explores several aspects of atomic structure and how we have come to understand the atom.  The first part of this assignment takes the form of an online simulation.  The links to the assignment and the simulation are below.  The directions are contained within the assignment.  Complete the assignment, and save the file.  When you return to school, your teacher will provide you with instructions on how to submit your saved file.  This will be due by the end of the first week of school and will count as your first homework grade.  The second part of the assignment is to watch a brief video (about 15 min) and take notes on it.  The information in this video (and covered in the assignment) will be addressed on your first quiz, sometime in early September. 

    If you have any questions, you can e-mail either of the Honors Chemistry teachers – either Ms. Muermann at AMuermann@wtps.org  or Mr. Holmes at AHolmes@wtps.org.  Please be aware that we will not be checking our email daily, so it may take several days to get a response. 

    Good luck – see you in September!!

  • Summer Assignment Handout

    This this the handout for the simulation.  Open it and then click on the link for the simulation.  Save your work directly on this document and then, once schedules are posted, upload this to your teacher's Blackboard page.  This counts as your first homework grade and is due on the second day of school. 

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