Integrated Science 2


    Integrated Science II Summer Assignment Course Work


    The Science Department is formulating a summer course preparation assignment for students entering Integrated Science II this Academic Fall year. Below are instructions for students to work on the assignment over the summer and submit the required materials during at the beginning of the first marking period. Shortly after the first two days of school, the summer assignment due date will be announced. This work is to be performed over the summer break to help prepare Integrated Science II students for lessons to be given and class discussions.

    This summer assignment is required and will be issued a grade for completion and submittal at the announced due date when school begins in September.


    Using the internet as your source, research a current Biology article that your find interesting to read and summarize for class.

    Download / Print the Full Article of your choose / Submit in class

    Write or type {preferred} in your own words at least  3-4 key points / facts about the article that can be discussed in class.


    A grade for your work will be discussed during the first few days of school

    Below are three {3} websites that you may wish to browse for your research article.  { news & current events -  articles } { full text Bio news articles / updated daily } { popular science articles about Bio / nature }


    Summer Assignment criteria & grading


    • The summer assignment will be graded as part of the productivity Assessment category. { 10% }


    • The due date is during the first full week of school.


    • The assignment must a hard copy { typed } not emailed.


    • The purpose is to encourage students to select topics in biology that they feel interested or motivated in learning more detail about.


    • Due date extension time for newly appointed students to WTHS will be granted