Integrated Science 3

  • Welcome! Please complete the following assignment. Have a Terrific Summer!! See you in the beginning of the school year!

    Integrated Science III Summer Assignment:

    Integrated Science III is the science course that primarily focuses on  Physical Science with Environmental Science.  Science has the power to explain everything in the world around you.  Why do fireworks explode in different colors? Why does iron rust?  Why do you need to use soap to clean greasy dishes?  Why does hot coffee cool down when you leave it on the kitchen counter? What causes natural catastrophes?   Science can answer all of these questions and more.  Understanding science is the key to understanding the world!

    This summer assignment is designed spark your interest in Science.  You must listen to a Radiolab podcast and write a brief (2-3 paragraph) summary of what you have heard.  This is a mandatory assignment and will be collected on the second day of school and will count as an independent work assignment which is collectively calculated towards 15% of your overall grade for the first marking period.

    Go to  Click at the top on NJPR and you will see a Search Bar.  Search for Chemistry to see a list of podcasts.  Choose a podcast from the list and listen to it in its entirety, then write a summary.  In your written summary, you must include the following:

    In the first paragraph:(5 points)
                A summary of the podcast that you listened to.        

    In the second - third paragraphs:(5 points)
                Your thoughts and reflections on the piece.  What you learned, and what you’d like to
                 learn in Integrated Science III  this year to help you better understand the topic.

    Anything else you want to include is up to you…have fun with it!

    We look forward to having you in class this year,

    Your Science teachers