CP Physics

  • June, 2019

    Dear Entering CP Physics Student,

    Hello!  And welcome to College Prep Physics!  I am your future teacher – Ms. Duym (pronounced 'Dime').  I have been teaching at WTHS since 2001 and am looking forward to a rewarding year together!  Physics is an exciting course that will change the way you look at the world around you.  We will study motion, forces, energy, sound, electricity, and light throughout the coming school year.  Physics is an essential course for all future science majors.  While it is most applicable to engineering and math majors, it is also important for computer science, biology, medicine, chemistry, and environmental science.  It might be challenging for you, but stick with it.  As we're confident that you are aware, all the science courses at WTHS require the completion of a summer assignment.  This assignment will be due the second day of school – without exception.  This is a firm deadline and late assignments will not be accepted.  The assignment will count as two homework grades.  Do not start off on the wrong path!  The assignment that follows is not simply “busy work” – please take it seriously.

    In order to succeed in physics, you need certain skills – problem solving being the most important.  We will work problems nearly every day.  Therefore, having a solid math background is paramount.  To that end, the purpose of the first part of your summer study assignment is for you to assess and strengthen your math skills.  This is a self-assessment - do only the parts that you need to.  For instance, if you are confident in the metric system, skip that part.  If you need to strengthen your algebra skills, work through that section.  This packet will NOT be collected, but your math skills (metric conversions, non-metric conversions, basic algebra, and manipulating equations) will be assessed the first week of school.

    The second part will focus on laboratory analysis skills – graphing, data interpretation, and identifying relationships.  Labs are second only to tests in terms of grade weighting and we will write formal lab reports several times per marking period.  The purpose of this assignment is to lay the ground work for future success in that respect.  This assignment will be completed online and submitted through Power School.  It is a simulation that involves the interpretation of graphed information.  It is called "Moving Man".  The link to the assignment and the online simulation are at the bottom of this page.

    Your final assignment will be to watch this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mCC-68LyZM.  We just want you to watch it – no questions to answer – just get a taste for what we will be discussing in our first unit.

    If you find that you need assistance with the math review section, I strongly recommend using Khan Academy online – this is a free website with numerous tutorials in a variety of subject areas.  Please use it!

    I look forward to meeting you in early September.  Until then, if you have a pressing physics related problem, feel free to e-mail me at rduym@wtps.org. I won’t be checking every day during the summer, so be patient.   Alternately, you can send me a Remind message once you join (Text @twpcpp to 81010 to join).   Good luck and enjoy the ride!

                                                                                                                                  ~Ms. Duym

    PS - Once again, there will be a math assessment quiz within the first week of school, based on the material reviewed in the math packet, so it is very important that you do your best to review the material and complete the work. If you are having trouble with the assignment, additional resources are listed below:
    For a really good video on specific algebra skills for physics (solving equations without numbers)
    For a really good math review, tailored to physics courses:
     Data and Graphing
    For a site that compiles all kinds of math reviews, try:
     For unit conversion and scientific notation Khan Academy videos:
    Algebra and geometry reviews and tutorials: 
    Below are the links to the opening day science forms and the 2 summer assignments.  Pleae print, read, and sign the opening day forms.  (both you and your parent/guardian - you only have to sign the teacher copies)