Welcome to the Forensics Summer Assignment



    Welcome to Forensic Science! The instructors for this course have designed it to help our students accomplish the following goals:

    1.       Develop and refine scientific reasoning skills

    2.       Reinforce and refine laboratory skills

    3.       Become proficient in documentation and analysis of scientific evidence from a crime scene

    4.       Develop an understanding of crime scene methodology

    5.       Provide opportunities to investigate many of the specialty fields in forensic science, including forensic anthropology, forensic entomology, forensic odontology, fingerprint analysis, impression evidence, blood spatter pattern analysis, glass fragment and pattern analysis, trace evidence analysis, and DNA profiling.


    In order to accomplish all of the above, students must come into our course with a strong work ethic, an interest in the subject, a general appreciation of science (please don’t take this class if you don’t like science), and some basic science and math skills.


    This summer assignment has two intended purposes:

    1.       To get you excited about all the different things you will be introduced to this year, and

    2.       to get us started on a strong note- we will be getting right down to business on the first day of  school, and you need to be ready!



    Here is your summer assignment. It is due, via email, on September 9th at 11:59 pm (instructions below):


        Go to American Academy of Forensic Science

     It is part of the website for the American Academy of Forensic Scientists. You will see a list of disciplines represented by this Academy. Choose one of the disciplines and click on it. Read the content. Then find at least 2 other sources with information about the same discipline. Write a one page (roughly 3 paragraphs, Times New Roman, 12 pt, MLA format). Be sure to properly parenthetically cite your sources and include a list of works cited. The title of your paper should be “Forensic Science Summer Assignment:                         “ (Fill in the blank with your topic.)   Your paper should be written around the following questions:

    a.        Why did you initially choose this discipline? Did you change your mind? If so, why?

    b.       As you researched the topic, what did you find interesting?

    c.        Could you see yourself in this field? Why or why not?


    In August, you should find out who your teacher will be. Email your paper (as an attachment) to your teacher, who will be either Mr. Basile (jbasile@wtps.org) or Mrs. Hall (lhall@wtps.org). This is due no later than Septembr 9th at 11:59 pm; no late papers will be accepted. Please also understand that plagiarism will result in a zero for this assignment. This part of the summer assignment will count as a double quiz grade.


    We look forward to meeting you on September 5th. Please email one of us with any questions or concerns.


                                                      Mr. J. Basile                         Mrs. L. A. Hall