NCAA Eligibility Center
    Here is the Registration Process for our Student-Athletes:
    What is the NCAA Eligibility Center? 
    The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies the academic credentials of college-bound student-athletes who aspire to compete in intercollegiate sports at the Division I or II level.  The Eligibility Center uses only approved core courses and considers a combination of core-course GPA and test scores to certify initial eligibility.

    How can I find Washington Townships's list of NCAA-approved courses?
    Go to  NCAA Eligibility Center, enter the section for “NCAA College-Bound Student-Athletes,” and then navigate to the “Resources” tab.  Select “U.S. Students” and you will find a link for the “List of NCAA Courses.”  You can use WTHS’s 6-digit CEEB/ACT code (311364) to access the list of courses by clicking this link.

    When and how do I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?
    The NCAA recommends that college-bound student-athletes complete the online registration process at NCAA Eligibility Center as early as the beginning of the sophomore year. After entering the section for “NCAA College-Bound Student-Athletes,”  navigating to the “Resources” tab, and selecting “U.S. Students,” you will find a link  to a “Registration Checklist” that may assist you in the registration process. You can create an account by clicking on the cell phone on the left side of the page. There is a fee to register. 

    When and how do I submit my initial request to send my transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center?
    You should request that WTHS send your transcript to the Eligibility Center at the end of your junior year.  To make this request, enter the section of the NCAA Eligibility Center site for “NCAA College-Bound Student-Athletes,” go to the upper right corner of the page to log in, and then click on “My Planner.”  Click on “MY TASK LIST,” then click the box next to “Official transcript needed” and follow the directions that appear in the Task Detail window.  You will be asked to create a docufide.com or parchment.com account, which will enable you to request that WTHS send your transcript to the Eligibility Center.

    How do I submit my SAT or ACT scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center?
    Test scores must be sent directly from the appropriate testing agency. Go to CollegeBoard SAT or ACT and log in to your account to submit your request.  The NCAA code is 9999.  There is a fee to send your scores.

    What final steps are needed to ensure my eligibility?
    As a senior, you will need to request final amateurism certification and request that WTHS send your final transcript to the Eligibility Center. Contact your school counselor with any questions.      

    Important Links
    All prospective Division I and II student-athletes should explore the information available on New Initial-Eligibility Standards for NCAA Division I College-Bound Student-Athletes.

    WTHS has teamed up with CoreCourseGPA to provide custom online software to all student-athletes to assist in tracking their progress towards meetin NCAA initiail eligibility requirements. It calculates core course GPA for both DI and DII, provides corresponding minimum SAT/ACT scores, and a detailed report of core course credits earned and needed. For more information, follow the steps below:
    Step 1: Go to www.CoreCourseGPA.com
    Step 2: Click "FREE New Member Account"
    Step 3: Enter School ID (311364) and School Code (751221177)
    Step 4: Complete Registration