Camden County College - High School Plus Program
    Also known as Dual Credit, WTHS has an agreement with Camden County College (CCC) to allow our students in eligible courses to receive college credit at CCC for successful completion of courses at Washington Township High School. For more details, please refer to the documents below. Students may apply for the CCC High School Plus Program only during the time they are enrolled in the high school course. For transfer courses/credits questions, visit www.njtransfer.org > Students > Transfer Programs to see how CCC courses may transfer to NJ Colleges and Universities.
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    Your child can earn college credits THIS SCHOOL YEAR at Washington Township High School for just $150 per course!

    Washington Township High School has partnered with Camden County College to offer Camden County College’s High School Plus (Dual Credit) program right here at Washington Township High School during the 2020/2021 school year. This program allows your child to earn college credits in at least one of their current high school classes and potentially more.

    Students can register online any time prior to March 19. Registrations will be sent directly to Camden County College for processing once the student hits the submit button on the digital form. Please note, students do not need to wait until March 19 to complete and submit their course selections as registrations will be processed in the order that they are received. Students that do not register before March 19 will not be eligible to receive dual credit this year.

    If you completed this form during the initial registration period, you do not need to submit another form as that registration form has already been processed. However, if there were additional courses that your child was eligible for and you did not register for them previously, you may register for them now. Also, please review the approved courses as additional courses may have been added since the first registration period.

    If you are interested in how your child can earn college credits this year, please click on the button for more information, as well as to access the application and registration information.